Lustrastone: A new innovation in Solid Surface

What makes Lustrastone unique?
Lustrastone fits within the general category of counter tops called Solid Surface, sharing general properties with Corian, Avonite, Hi-macs, and some others. However, because of the unique manufacturing methods we have developed, Lustrastone rises above all other Solid Surface in several ways.

Lustrastone is a new, innovative approach to the manufacturing of Solid Surface

Creating a higher quality, but not higher priced product
Also, because of our manufacturing techniques, customization is much easier and therefore much more affordable

Poured, not glued lip.
We manufacture and fabricate your countertops in one local location.

Instead of seaming ½" sheets of material together to form the shape and lip of your kitchen we pour it into its final shape without the need of seams. As long as it fits on our tables and through your door it won't have any seams.

We can pour the sink the same color as your countertop or any color that you choose from our over 100 colors for no extra charge.

All colors and edge styles are part of the flat square foot price we quote, we don't nickel and dime!

We have a flat square foot price without added labor, travel, or other charges.

If your countertop needs repaired we can use the same material and pour more material into the repair piece.

We can pour custom shower pans of all sizes and shapes.

We can also pour custom colors.

Your countertop doesn't go through machines, it is hand-made and crafted using only small power tools.


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